We are now on the 15th of the month and I received a message that the payment is being processed now

Good morning. Now a message was sent to me in the morning that my money is being processed, but so far no money has been sent. I have had money since last month and today is not a weekend. Is this delay normal?

This mean your payout processed and the money has sent to your payout account. If it is Bank transfer then it will take few days to arrive. If other payment method then it should receive in the same day but it can be pending status in your payment provider.


My payout is PayPal and bank account in Payoneer

And tow until now not arrived

check this topic:

Not much sure what payment/payout method you select for you! By the way you should receive an email from envato with Subject line:
Envato sent you a payment

and in that email should mentioned how much you will receive and when the money will arrive at your payout method (like Payoneer). If it is your first payout through new payout systems then it could take 3-5 more days to arrive the money to your payout method (like Payoneer). Please keep patience.

If I haven’t received an email, what should I do?

Hi @FirstFrame24,

Have you received email on 15th with Subjectline:
Envato Market: Your payout has been processed (i.e. we sent you money!)

I received an email from Envato Market but I did not receive an email from elements envato

It can be delay for email schedule. Hope you will receive soon.

I just received “Envato sent you a payment” for Envato Elements and email also mentioned I should receive payment on Tuesday February 20. That means you can expect to get email from them soon.