I was not able to receive my payment on February 16.

Hi guys.
Envato Elements switched to a new payment method and I entered my Payoneer “First Century Bank” account information.
With the previous payment method, I received my payment on the 16th of every month. I could not receive my payment with the new method. It shows active in the Payment method section (attachment).

My friends who sell on “Envato Elements” have not switched to the new payment method. Rather, they did not receive the information to switch to a new payment method. This worries me very much.
Have you switched to the new payment method? and have you received payment?


I also switched to a new payment method, or rather, I was transferred to it. I didn’t receive any money today either.

I have the same issue

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Probably the money will now go a few days. :frowning:

Usually, I received a mail from Envato “Your payout has been processed”. This time there was no such letter. So I think the money hasn’t been sent yet.

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Just got a message “Envato sent you a payment” with details:

You should receive your payment on Friday, March 17, 2023

Let’s wait

This new system payout process can take up to 7 business days, so you have to wait

I have not received such a letter.

Horror. I want to receive payments as before, just to the address.

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Horror? Normal time with banks - this is how regular banks works. On Fiverr you have to wait 2 weeks for your money “clearing”.

Patience is advantage.

I received in my PayPal

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I also received such an e-mail.

I received my payment.
Thanks envato and payoneer.
Only the transfer fee is $3.89.
It used to be $1.0
Could you please clarify this.

New method is 1% according to my calculation.
My old Payoneer method only costs 1-2$.
I really back to the old payment :frowning:

@BenLeong my payment not credited in my bank account, I usually get credited on same day with old payoneer system, with new method it is been 5 days past, still not credited to the bank, any info?

Hi all.

Bank Transfer processing times will vary depending on factors like the payment method, the destination country, and whether you’re being paid directly into a bank account (e.g. local currency payments) or into a money transfer provider like Payoneer/Wise/Revolut.

The best combination of transfer fees and speed will likely be different for each author, and what your expected monthly payout amount is. I strongly recommend looking at the range of options that are now available, particularly if you receive a large payout each month, as you may find that new options can significantly reduce your costs.

The level of transparency also varies significantly between service providers - for example, I know that Wise provides a currency converter, and calculators to send and receive money that show exactly what their fees will be.

@StrokeVorkz When you received your email (“Envato sent you a payment”), did it include an estimate of the processing time? Sending bank transfers to a Payoneer USD virtual receiving account is a more involved process than the old system, so that payment method is likely to take longer. The tradeoff for this is that the new system opens up all the other Money Transfer Provider options on the market, as well as local currency payments (which typically clear in 1-2 days, compared to 5+ days for USD payments via the SWIFT network).

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I just received Payment Transferred to the Bank,
Thanks, It is resolved


Hello StrokeWorkz. Did you receive it through Swift? From March 15th? I still haven’t received my income.

Mine is Payoneer bank transfer, sorry don’t know about Swift.

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Can I make it so that I receive payments not under the new system, but as before? It’s faster and cheaper for me to receive payments by email.