New payments system!

Hi there, i got a problem. I was selected as new elements payments. Bank transfer is my payments method. The problem is i dont receive the payments yet, the invoice is written that the payment will be landed in 2-3 days. But, i don’t receive it yet. Tell me? I am really confused of this issue.


Hello @arisgaucho

Your income was more then $50? Because it’s minimum payment which envato can send.

Did you received email from envato on 16 Jan about “Envato Market: Your payout has been processed”

If yes then wait it will come soon in your bank account.


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Man, i have been 8 years for selling asset on envato. Here i complained about the new payments system. Envato already sent me the payments but it’s not landed yet.

I have NOT got a payment also from Elements with standart Payoneer method by email ID. Do not have an email from Elements also. This is first time in 10 years.

Come man, we are in the different issues. I already emailed envato. But, they dont still respond it yet.

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same here

I still haven’t received my payment

Yess, we are same. Did you email envato before?


me too :smiling_face_with_tear: still haven’t received my payment

i have some problem with you bro,
so is your problem now solved?

the new payment system has a problem}
:hot_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No. I still don’t receive the payments

same here +1

check your BCA bro, :innocent: :innocent:

No, i don’t still receive it yet.

I use BCA too, and I have received the payment

No, i don’t receive it yet.

When did you receive it?

Yes, i also not receive yet the payout.
I also added my local bank account.
Very disappointment! Payonner was the best why they do this poor system.

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