Didn’t Received payouts from Elements

I received a payment by the new payout system only from the Market.
But there was not a single letter from Elements, except for a statement… With the documents everything is ok. The delay in payments from Elements is already 2 months
On the advice of SuzanaTArt, I wrote to the support service and received this response:

I’m sorry to inform you that our payout provider has conducted compliance checks on your Elements account in order to transfer funds. Unfortunately, your account has failed compliance screening, and they have determined no further payments can be facilitated to your Elements account.

I appreciate that this may cause distress. Your funds will be held with Envato until such time we can pay them out to you or until such time as Envato can otherwise lawfully deal with those funds.

Please let me know If you wish to remove your items from Envato or close your account; I can help you do so.


Without explanation. What compliance screening? No specifics, not a word about the documents. To be honest I’m confused by this answer. Has anyone received such a mail? Can someone help explain to me what is the way out of this situation?


Which payout method? Local bank? Or payoneer


Check out payoneer require any documents or make sure if your country is sanctions list. Or you can contact payoneer

Require document from a Payoneer?
Kazakhstan is not on the sanctions list.
Do you think it’s worth asking the Payoneer support service why my account has failed compliance screening?

Only today I used the Payoneer and everything is fine there. I sent money to my bank account in Kazakhstan without any problems. And the Payoneer does not require any documents from me.

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I think your market and element payment system is same payout method, why one works but another not.

I am also confused from these support response.

I think @BenLeong @KingDog can explain this issue

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I texed Ben. I hope he will shed some light on this.

Market and Elements have different payment runs on different days.

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Hello! The money stopped coming in October. I sent all the requested documents. I didn’t even receive a mail saying that the payment was holded. Just nothing. This is what prevents from understanding the reason. What exactly is wrong. And the support did not give instructions or a clear explanation.

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Some problem… my second account

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Same problem for over three months now. Support is not helpful, they do not tell you which documents were not accepted and how to solve the problem. Just a suggestion to wait or just delete your account.

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