Didn’t Received my November 2023 payouts via Payoneer

I received a payment by the new payout system only from the Market.
But there was not a single letter from Elements, except for a statement… With the documents everything is ok. The delay in payments from Elements is already 2 months((
Please write if anyone has encountered the same problem. And who knows how to solve it?

The best way to resolve that is to contact support team as only they can check your account and what happened with that payment.

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Ок. I try! Thanks for the feedback.

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Exactly the same situation, from Videohive payments come, but from Elements for several months nothing, only statements

Hello! I do not know what your situation is and whether we have the same reasons and problems. But I can confirm that I also still haven’t received a payment for 3 months. And why is that? Because the Trolley provider blocks money transfers. Why Envato chose Trolleys is a big mystery to me. I know that everything works great on other trading platforms and there are other ways to withdraw money… But not on the Elements, there are some constant problems… The new system is only a headache for a large number of authors. I don’t think this will lead to prosperity in the future. Most likely, Envato’s competitors will simply lure the authors to themselves, and this will end.) I’m sorry if someone doesn’t like my words, but this is my private opinion and nothing more.