June 2023 SWIFT Payout (Envato Market) not received yet

Hello everyone.
Last week on June 15 i got email about SWIFT transfer has been processed from Envato mail.
But until now June 19, no any payment deposited in my bank account.

Please is any one getting issue like that or it’s only me?

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Due to weekend, there may be some delay about receiving the money. Just wait few more days.

@ki-themes Okay but you need to say because of Saturday and Sunday it affect to delayed? Bacause fund sent on Thursday 15 morning, on 16 it’s Friday business day i was expected maybe it credited, today is Monday still nothing, if i calculate Thursday, Friday and Monday it’s 3business days or I’m wrong?

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It’s average 3 working days but if the transfer is performed one day before Friday, according to my experiences, it doesn’t complete in 3 days, usually it takes few more days.

Just wait one or two more day

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@ki-themes Okay thanks, I’ve understand.

This is normal for SWIFT. A transfer can take one day or several weeks too. I had it that way once.

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Loh! Okay

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Anyone who has received?

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@ki-themes This not a solution for SWIFT Transfer in local bank, imagine my swift transfered in June 15 but until now nothing i received and i have contact with my bank and said no money from Envato.

I’m still confused.
It seems Envato they process SWIFT after 3days since they notify in email, and we need to wait more days. I’m in Envato Marketplace and payout always in 15 date.

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I’ve just received the payout

@iHemalaya You received via Swift Transfer or Payoneer method?

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@BIKENGE Local Bank Transfer , Egypt

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@iHemalaya Great answer and simple.
Congratulations :tada:

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@BIKENGE :heart: :+1: Wish luck & happiness for you and all authors.

@iHemalaya Thank you let’s hopefully tomorrow maybe.



I either didn’t receive the payment until now, or I think just me and you left :slight_smile:

@Oxygen_Art Yes i think too, let hopefully tomorrow