Are you recived envato elements jun payment?

I didn’t recived my jun payment using payonner. Only envato elements send me a payment send message in jun 16th. And they said in the mail I get payment in Jun 19th monday.

Anyone recived payment today? Can you give me the details whats problem I facing.

I didn’t receive it either. I think this is because of the first-time payment, so it could take longer.

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Still waiting for the payment. This delay is killing me. Wondering what was the problem to leave Payoneer card as an option to withdraw? Waiting for the money almost a month after the payout is complete on the 30. or 31. is nonsense or stock investing…


I didn’t get paid either. This looks like a technical issue. Envato should clarify the situation and reassure us!

Old system was working perfectly. Still waiting for the payment. I am not sure if i have done the transition to the new system correctly. Waiting like this is so stressful.


Agree. The previous system worked like clockwork. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.


be patient

We want to revert back to the old system.


@BenLeong As a community, I think we deserve an explanation.


Nah. Rare though standard tiny delay. 16th was Friday, during the weekend payments are hold. So probably we will get it tomorrow. Usually payments take 1-3 WORKING days.

We just guess so. An explanation by Envato puts the entire community at ease. At least I just think we deserve it. It’s good for everyone to hear officially that things are going well.


I like previous system


This is not normal. Once again, I repeat that the new system has been presented to us as more convenient, and with more control over payments to us. In fact, this system is simply a fail, it does not match what @BenLeong stated.
Once again, the Envato have made changes that benefit them, but that disadvantage authors.
If the new system assumes that the payment goes 4 business days, then Envato should have made the payments 4 days before the 16th so that we get them as before. Moreover, we are not given any information about what is going on and when to expect payment.
Also, we need to know if this is going to happen every month now, but we are just ignored. Once again: this is not normal.



Anyone use WISE?
I am still not receiving payment too.

I haven’t received it either, I’m using a local bank payment. And usually on the 20th I have received it, but not this June… What happened let’s wait for @BenLeong’s answer :pray:

I’m starting to think they don’t process payments anymore. Those using WISE did not receive their payments, those using Payoneer did not receive their payments, and those using a local bank account did not receive their payments.

Anyone out there using Paypal?

Got a technical problem? @BenLeong

same here, nott receive payment yet

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