Its 20th June and still no mail no Elements payment

Hey man, Ben means that it takes two more days for the money to be guaranteed to be in our accounts… I think this is a good answer that clarifies the situation and removes all worries from us)


I just wrote to support
We’ve received your enquiry: 3239466

Good answer that clarifies the situation - fact that we had a system that worked like clockwork, and now we have “it takes two more days”, when it 's already passed “it takes two more days”. Do you call this a “good answer that clarifies the situation”?


Writing to support is useless, they say the same thing: “Your payout appears sucessful in our system and has been received by Payoneer. Payoneer may be allocating it to your account and i expect it to be with you at any moment.”

This is the problem of a payoneer additional time to payment processing, probably in the future I hope there will be an adjustment taking into account this time. I am sympathetic to all this because it is still at the stage of configuration and optimization. We were among the first to experience this innovation.

That’s a funny joke.

Once again: we had a Payoneer payment system that worked like clockwork. Are you still here? Again, it worked like clockwork. And now there’s a delay on Payoneer’s part?

Okay, then don’t call it a convenient system with a lot of control. Just say so from the beginning: we’re abandoning the convenient system in favor of a slow and uncontrolled system, you’ll wait 2 months for your payments. And then there won’t be any questions. And now look at what said support Payoneer:


@BenLeong , maybe already have some comments from you? How many times do I have to repeat the same thing for you to answer?


I think its a bot that answer us.

I think we are all bots :grinning: How does that make a difference?

@BenLeong You must reply to this comment.

You are running ahead of the locomotive I think, let the team test this possibility to the fullest, I understand that it is inconvenient that the payment did not arrive on time, since we could depend very much on this money, but I was prepared for such inconveniences, because I understand that the test mode involves some difficult circumstances. We will all have to be patient and wait another 2 days. Personally, I was greatly reassured by Ben’s comment that the team is aware of the problem and the issue is being kept under control.


If a company wants to test a new system, they usually select a limited test group of users. And only then enters for all users. This is called professionalism. That is, you want to say that it is normal to wait a week for a payment? I am very much that you prepared for this, but many counted on June 16, as it was always under the normal system. All tests should not be at the expense of the authors.


@BenLeong comment was not that they were aware of the problem, but that they were doing fine. Not everything is great, though.

It had been 16 days, in which all the work should have been done. Then 4 more days went by, and now it’s the 20th. Is that called running ahead of the locomotive? I never cease to admire your sense of humor.

We have been forcibly transferred to a system that is worse than the old one. And we paid a commission, many times over many old. We are entitled to get answers to questions. And my question is not about where the money is, with that I am just being patient.

And if you think someone is going to set something up and everything will work fine, I’m going to disappoint you. Envato is fine as it is, they have once again squeezed the benefits out of us, they don’t need to set anything up.

This situation will always happen now, although there are options to avoid it, which is what I want. But it is just ignored, and you write be patient.


Everyone says be patient, but we don’t have to be patient. After all, we are doing a business and waiting for our money. This is not free, charitable money. This is our work.


These days I have a lot of financial responsibility and different payments. I was framed. I do not know what to do. Hope the payment comes soon. The new system proved to be a complete failure.


It doesn’t even appear in the pending payments category on payoneer yet.

is this normal?

@MoMotion no idea about it. First time i faced this situation. I think contacting payoneer support gives an clear idea.


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It is interesting that those who did not change anything and withdrew according to the old system received money on June 16 a long time ago!

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They will be transferred to this hell on July 16th, don’t worry.

I also have payments. And by the way, yesterday I missed one of them because of Envato. Now the bank wants 2 times more money! Thank you very much for taking care of us.

My suggestion. It is necessary to add to the new system the old one. To have a choice. Who wants to suffer uses the new system. And the remaining 99 percent of the authors of the old system.