Elements June Payout (Envato what's happening?)

The administration is due to make a statement about payments in June. The authors have been waiting since June 16. In the letter it was written that the money will be credited to the account on June 19. But still nothing! Please explain to us all what is happening and how long to wait!


OK. The usual reaction to any question from the authors is simply ignoring. Will have to be armed.

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Once again, in the message we were given a specific date (June 19). Then it was necessary to clarify, for example, from 19 to 29 June. Why wasn’t it done? In a good way, Envato should have made a payment a few days before 16. So that we get our honestly earned money. But what irritates most of all, duck is that they just endlessly ignore!

It’s about SWIFT, we didn’t choose SWIFT, we chose Payoneer, but we were told that you can add a Payoneer account to the new system and everything will be like fine. But everything is not great, we just want the same stable system as before, we were fine with everything. If they wanted to add SWIFT, they could do it without removing Payoneer.


Contact Envato support.

There is still no money and Envato is still silent! Maximum disrespect for the authors.

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Why isn’t support answering me? 3239248


@ Everyone

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