How I Make Happy Upbeat Music For Videos, Films, Commercials, Vlogs (Composing Walkthrough In Studio One 3)

Hi guys, Olexandr here once again and I want to share some techniques that I used to create a completely new inspiring/happy/upbeat music track from scratch! (no starting presets, just brutal transparency with all the pain involved :grin:…and yes it has damn muted guitars!:joy:)

As usual, I video recorded a whole process of composing:

  • My screen recording (stunning beautiful 5K resolution screen and 4K quality for you to enjoy!)
  • Actually me entering all music notes from my Kurzweil PC361 keyboard.

It’s 2:07:06 HOUR of content on composing, recording, deleting, mixing, mastering, etc.

And here is how it sounds mixed and mastered:

So here’s an actual tutorial video. Hope everybody enjoy! :slight_smile:



Good mood! Cool!

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Great job! keep it up mate.

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Cool man! :slight_smile:

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Looking forward to it, Olexandr. I’ve watched a few of your other videos recently and enjoyed them. I use a different DAW (Sonar x3) but have picked up a few good ideas from your workflow.

Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for the early feedback guys!

And here you go! I hope you’ll find it valuable and useful to whatever you producing or whatever DAW you are using.
Throw me some comments here or on YouTube and let the conversation going! :boom:



Wow…:grinning:, OlexandrIgnatov, great tutorial, beautiful and professional, very helpful!! Thank you very much…:notes::musical_keyboard:

Thanks @NoiseHoop! Glad you enjoyed it!

Ha, ha, you did it! Thank you for that, I love it! :grinning: Beautiful tune @OlexandrIgnatov! It’s a lot to learn and to watch. :thumbsup: Can you please share which palm muted you using here and which delay on it? I can see every single instrument you load but can’t see which piano - which sound great, clear and transparent - and palm muted? I’ve noticed you changed a tempo to 125 bpm but you didn’t change delay setting on palm muted guitar…
Impressive skills and fast workflow.
All the best!

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Thank you for sharing this, very interesting and helpful :+1:

Hey @MusicMode thank for watching!

The muted guitars are coming from Firebird Muted guitar VST (or something like that, it’s free and was made by AudioJungle author)
Delay is StudioOne stock ping pong delay I guess (1/8D of course :smiley:)

Firebird is great. Developed by Fencidat and available via the thread below.

It’s got me thinking of doing my own low tech version recording 8 palm muted notes in a scale (root to root) with 2 variations of each, either up and down attack or 2 fret positions, then adding them as cells in Battery to see how that works.

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Great video Olexandr thanks x

Thanks @OlexandrIgnatov :grinning: Thanks for your answer! Sorry for bothering you but what was the beautiful piano ?:slight_smile:️ Regards!

Cool track, Olexandr! Good to see your workflow.

Thanks @JohnRosso @MusicMode @FlossieWood

That’s quite interesting, you should try!

Thanks @OlexandrIgnatov !
You’re doing a wonderful job + in your karma :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work, Olexandr! :+1: It is very great that you share your experience!) :sunglasses:

Spasibo :sunglasses: