FREE palm muted guitar for corporate music!

Hi guys! I want to share with you my work. I writed every note of my guitar and made instrument for kontakt5. And it is very useful. Haha, perfect for your media projects. You can just download and use (absolutely free). Just put nki-file to kontakt window

Links to download:

sound samples:

If you want, you can donate me ( my mastercard 5536 9137 5646 5478)


Sound excellent!!! You made a greate job man!!! Thank you, i’ll try for sure you guitar in my next item!!! :tada:

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Thank You :slight_smile:

Really sounds good! Thanks man!

Thanks a lot

Sound really nice!! Thanks a lot mate!

Oooops ! “Link to download: [Sorry guys had to remove the links, FREE Files are not allowed in Forums, Moderator]” :flushed: Wait! And what about me ? :disappointed_relieved:

WTF ??? :flushed:

nice!! Thanks !!! :+1: :+1: :+1:

I need it too , Please return link back :disappointed_relieved:

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[Sorry guys had to remove the links, FREE Files are not allowed in Forums, Moderator]

Ummmmm, since when? What about this whole thread?

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This has been resolved and the links will go back very shortly :wink:

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These are the links that were removed, they are permitted!

sound samples:



Thanka U !!! Very nice ! Soft and warm sound !!! :clap:

thanks :wink:

Good sound of the guitar!

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nice work - thanks for sharing this! I’ll give it a shot.

very good sounding instrument! thank you for sharing :+1:

Such a great sharing ! Thank You !