How I Make Happy Upbeat Music For Videos, Films, Commercials, Vlogs (Composing Walkthrough In Studio One 3)

Great! Very intresting and professional! :wink:

It looks so easy))) But I know that is not so simple) Thank you.

Cool video, very interesting watching how you do it!

Hmmm, maybe it’s better to use vst guitars for corporate tracks. I played all my guitars “real” so far.

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VST guitars sounds very good!

I know,…but my heart is realy bleeding when i “play” guitar with Keyboard. Im guitarist since 1997 :slight_smile:

hey! cool video! can u say what library/instrument did u use for guitar harmonics??

The muted guitars are coming from Firebird Muted guitar VST (or something like that, it’s free and was made by AudioJungle author)
Delay is StudioOne stock ping pong delay I guess (1/8D of course :smiley:)

Ohh. Thanks))))

Thank you guys! May I ask you - what was the biggest takeaway from this video tutorial for you?

Hey, I’d say it was hearing each part isolated as you were recording them and then the method you chose to keep or re-record the parts was interesting too.

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That’s a nice takeaway! Thank you, Be Great!

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Hi Olexandr,
Thanks a lot for the video tutorial.
For me as for a beginner was interesting the process as a whole and each piece - how you record particular patterns, which sounds you choose, which effects you appplied, how you build the composition overally, etc.
I was comparing it with how I do it and was like “hmmm… this is how I could do this and that in more proper way:-)”.
In other words it was very usefull for me, that’s for sure.
So thanks again and wish to see more))

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Man this is a great tutorial! Great Job! Thanks!

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@anon223564 I’m glad you did enjoy it and learn from it. Be great!
@Mesamune thanks a lot!

Thank you for this tutorial!
I’ve find it really infromative and inspiring!:slight_smile:

I’m glad you did! Thanks for watching :slight_smile:

Cool man! :slight_smile:

Oh, thanks! :slight_smile:

Really Talented!

I am just starting out so this taught me a lot. On the topic of vst’s, which vst and settings can I use to get this guitar effect? It is ike a guitar crying effect. Is this a real guitar or can it be done with vst plugin?

I have searched on forums elsewhere and 1 guy said that that sound cannot be achieved with a plugin it can only be done with a real guitar.

Thanks for the help.