How To Compose Music in 60 Minutes - A Live Music Composing Stream with Olexandr Ignatov

Hello guys!

Here is the live stream on Meerkat of me composing
and recording a new piano composition. (100+ people watched)

Haven’t any melodies pre-written, so
it’s all raw, un-edited and uncensored! :slightly_smiling:

Hope you’ll love it!
Hit thumbs up and leave comments! Thank you!

p.s. If you want to catch up my upcoming streams,
download Meerkat app and follow me @olexandrignatov


Cool video! Nice to see you playing


Nice Job and great insight about you composing workflow. Thanks for sharing!

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thanks for sharing! =)

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Thanks guys! Hope you enjoyed it! :slightly_smiling:

Good stuff and nice piano work! Subscribe and like from me…

I would fire the camera man!

Cool! Not bad :slight_smile:

Nice insight video. Though vertical video’s are not allowed in Holland :grinning:
But it’s all about the music.

Thanks for the vid, that was quite interesting for me as for a new AJ member

Nice! What’s the drum/percussion plugin there? Thnx

Thanks guys!

@anon30031453 I guess it’s Action Strikes from NI!

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Thanks for sharing Olex, what camera you use?

Hey, nice work! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Thats great, and how long it takes you to sort out all the bells and whistles around a finished track, like descriptions, artworks, uploads on other sites, etc. Or someone does it for you?

I use iPhone 6S :slight_smile:

Well, when track is ready it takes around extra 5-15 mins to prepare everything for upload and…go! :wink:
@UJ-pro thanks!!