Composing A Song Live in 60 Minutes | MEERKAT STREAM


Hello guys!

I thought I’d share this with you. This is how I composed, recorded and finished a song in 60 minutes while streaming it online. Not with intention to do so, it just happen that quick! :smile:

No preparation at all (except some pre-loaded vst instruments to save time)

In a meantime I was reading and replying to some comments from a live Meerkat stream.

[Here’s a link to a YouTube][1]

Hope you’ll like it.


Nice work, thanks for posting! I like to produce royalty free music in similar way, my general time spent on AJ tunes is 1-1,5 hours. General principle being “good enough quality with fastest possible speed” :slight_smile:


good work mate:)


This is a great way to concentrate your creativity. I read a great blog post about how even procedures such as mixing and mastering can be done very well in just 1 hour. I guess it all boils down to the concept of Parkinson’s Law - the idea that no matter what time you have to complete something, the work manages to fill the time-frame which you have to complete it. I find that composing with a set time limit is also a great motivator.


Its very nice seeing how people show theyr skills, unfortunately theres not a lot of them.
Thanks a lot Olexandr.

btw, the sound of the strings was so sweet, what library u used ?


Ever hear of Graham from He just finished up a 6 part series on exactly that: Parkinson’s Law applied to mixing.

Here’s his YT Channel:
Love this guy!


Thanks for sharing Ol, always wondered how you kept that huge portfolio with such a good quality. Here is the answer, you are a talented man! :watch: :grinning:


Of course! That series was the one I was referring to!

I read his blog and watch his videos all the time. I love his approach towards audio production. That and his philosophy of making the best of what you have, and not going out spending all your cash on more gear and extra plugins you don’t need.

The guy’s a legend :slight_smile:


Totally agree with you.


That’s awesome! Yeah I love his whole approach and philosophy. I’ve had him mix/master one of my songs (for another project) back when I was just getting into all of this!


Thanks for sharing, nice work :wink:


Nice wotk, Alex!
By the way! I also have such sticker! (I love Rode)))


This is really cool, thanks for sharing!


This is nice but not working for me, I need more time to figure the song in my head hahah
Beautiful song btw :slight_smile:


Nice work! Very quick indeed.

btw, those strings sound lushalicious… what be they? Im guessing Cinematic Strings 2?


Awesome work, thanks for share!


Thanks for watching guys I am glad you found this valuable!