Composing Walkthrough Video with Olexandr Ignatov [WATCH]

Hello guys :slight_smile: Olexandr here.

I’ve created a new video of my composing workflow.
I am recording a completely new song from scratch.

Composing - Arrangement - Mixing - Mastering.

It’s 1080p (with screen recording)
and you can really see what is going on there!


If you find this of value, please give this videos likes and comments!



Up! Need you guys to comment in here :slightly_smiling:

Good, bad or ugly - share your thoughts!

Have this open in a tab to watch tonight. Always love watching how other people write their compositions. Thanks for sharing your process, Olexandr!

Your workflow and composing skills are top notch! People can learn from watching this video, I know I did :wink: Thanks for sharing.