This IS How I Make A Dubstep Track! [2 hours video tutorial walkthrough in 4K]

of course!
I use studio one too. Your workflow looks very interesting.

Of course! It would be great to see you working on a tracks from different genres😀 It’s always great pleasure and a big lesson to see someone with super skills sharing their workflow/tricks. All the best!

While I have no direct interest in music production, I stumbled onto this, gave it a view, and really enjoyed watching you bring this track to life. Thanks for sharing!

Of course. Why not. It would be awesome. :wink:

Thanks Olexandr! Great work! :clap:

Great job! :+1:

Just got around to watching this. Awesome stuff man! Love watching other people’s workflow! Thanks for putting this together!

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That was my first time seeing Studio One. Looks like a good program, so I just downloaded the free version to test it out.

Also liked the animated titles and lower third used in the video. Which video editor was used and what did you use to create those animated elements for the video? Guessing they’re based on third party title templates.

Yes it’s some templates for a Final Cut Pro X. Google ‘clean lower thirds’ for it and you’ll have plenty of choices!

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And thanks guys! @OvationMusic @MorningLightMusic @LuckyBlackCat @Edwud_Music @LDj_Audio @Kallizm @MusicMode @newsense @nikitsan

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New video tutorial coming tomorrow! 2 hours and 7 mins long of me obsessively trying to figure out a great tune. Stay alert!!

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Awesome! thanks for sharing

Here you go…a new thread for a new composing walkthrough video! Tune in, guys!

Just in case anyone new here missed this tutorial! I don’t want you to miss it :slight_smile:

Here’s the link

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Thanks! :wink:

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Don’t have time to watch right now but I subscribed to you on youtube. And I’ll def watch later. Thanks!

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You’re welcome @WaveToys and @CinematicScore! :wink:

Really cool video!)


Thanks for joining :slight_smile:

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