Updated Header & Footer Design

If you’re a frequent visitor of Graphicriver you may have noticed something a little different compared to the other marketplaces; the header and footer are looking better than ever.

This is a collaborative initiative from our UX, Design and SEO teams. The aim of this initiative is to clean up the design, keeping all the existing links accessible and optimised for search engine crawlers.

You can now access all of Envato’s products from the drop down menu (including forums and community). We moved the help & legal links to the footer. The main navigational links to areas like “collections”, “top new authors” and so on have not changed; they are listed in “All Items” and have always been.

This new design has been live on Graphicriver for about 5 days now and we haven’t seen any issues, so we will be rolling this out over all marketplaces in the coming 48 hours. If you see anything that you need assistance with then shout out in this thread.


Ben :slight_smile:


Actually, not being able to go straight to the Author Dashboard by clicking on my username is a really annoying change. Very poor user experience.

Also: Dashboard Plus disappeared


Looks great and modern! Good job :slight_smile:

The overall design looks much better and friendly,but did you remove “Forums” , “Community”, “Affialites” from the top of page on purpose or is it just a bug?
It’s actually very nice to have quick access to those menus without scrolling to the bottom of a page.
It’s a time saver :slight_smile:


Hi CycleProduction,

“Forums” and “Community” are still in the header, if you hover over the “Our Products” menu.

The “Affiliates” link along with additional services such as “help” have been moved to the footer to allow a better awareness of our products and ease of use when trying to find them.

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Thank you for answer
Now it make sense)
And I see that drop down menus also improved which is really nice )

@mcncl So, I can’t see a sign-up area for Envato Newsletters. It seems you don’t want new subscribers to Envato Newsletter?! Sure, who wants to directly promote new campaigns & products to subscribed members and/or NonMembers, or sending them some important news about the marketplaces, right? You are now ignoring one of the most basic & lucrative forms of marketing?

Hi Ben, there are two settings in the menu which is probably a little bit confusing. How about making it Author Tools, or Author Resources instead? :slight_smile:

nice but please make our username clickable again!


I really the direction this is heading. Tough icons by the text were cool in the drop down. Tough I am all about minimalism :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to see more!

I hope this is the beginning of the big overhaul cough SVG thumbnails support cough :blush:


Having the menu display when the username is clicked ensures cross device compatibility and means that user experience whether on mobile or desktop is the same.

On the email marketing front, we’re definitely not ignoring that channel :wink:

While there are other improvements on the way for our email signup flow, the “Email Newsletters” section in the old site footer only ever accounted for a tiny percentage of new subscribers. The primary signup method is from confirmed customers, as they make their first purchase - that list is growing at a very healthy rate, and our Email Marketing team currently sends their campaigns to over a million active customers.

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It would be really nice if you could keep the functionality that when I click on my profile, I go to my dashboard.


@mcncl - on my Pixel (android), if you zoom in to see the menu and click it, it snaps you over to the top left and you have to swipe back over to the right - super annoying too

oh come on, TF on mobile looks broken as only a few pages are actually responsive. User experience would be great if you don’t need to open dropdown, move down and click Author Dashboard instead of simply click on username. Also forums are very popular, you’ve removed a link to them from header and moved to Our Products menu, which took me a while to find. But you are displaying Start Selling button to people, who is logged in or already is an author. And you call that good user experience? Who approves this kind of improvements?

Design of the dropdown looks very nice though!

EDIT: You are talking about consistency. How come product list displays huge ugly list with scaled item previews, but on popular pages and mobile same list displays 80x80 thumbnails? So what is the point now in those thumbnails? And what is the point in showing exactly the same preview when you hover on scaled version? All your last improvements are breaking user experience.

Looking good!

I think the forums / community needs its own dedicated button on the header though. Placing it to the right of the “Our Products” section could be a good option. At the moment accessibility to the forums is pretty poor.

Also now that the header has less content on top I think it should be resized down a bit. There’s a lot of blank space up there now.

Anyway it’s a nice change from the old header. Digging the new snazzy drop down design :thumbsup:


Yea was just looking around for the forum link :slight_smile: and i would lighten up the money :slight_smile:


The header design is good but, please, do the following:

  1. Add icons to each menu item (now they look smaller and it’s difficult to navigate through the menu)
  2. Move the balance to another place or change its font (color, size or/and style) since now it takes several more seconds to read it.


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I need a pair of good glasses to see my balance! Not because it’s too small!