Dashboard Plus disappeared

Since Envato made their changes on the site, there is no more Dashboard plus in the settings. Also all features in the statement disappeared. Please help. I can’t live without it :wink:

Strange, to me also missing some links.
There are no links to forums and some others.This is only if I enter in Graphicriver.
If I use icons in other markets to get to my profile, I see everything normal as before.
For me, the differences are just entering an icon of Graphicriver… and something even more strange
Suddenly appeared, two items in my basket which I personally have not added never.

Yes, forum link is gone, Dashboard plus is missing.
For me, the biggest problem with the new changes is the fact that I can’t click on my username anymore to go directly to my Author Dashboard - instead, the dropdown menu appears and I have to find the link among all those items there. This is really annoying :frowning:
So far, this happens only on GraphicRiver, while on TF everything is like before - again, a very confusing change!

Yes! It’s really annoying and confusing!
I hope this is temporary.

+1 OMG :frowning:

Can’t live without this plugin!

Me too. Still waiting for someone who has a solution :frowning: