Updated Header & Footer Design



This redesign is all about promoting Envato Elements. It confuses visitors and hurts Envato Market (us, authors). You have created something amazing that works, and now you’re ruining it.

Could you please let me know why is there a link only from Market header to Elements, but not vice-versa?


Well, if forums are here to express our thoughts, mine goes like this…:

You are mastered the art of “being Anti-Author while seeming Pro-Author”.
I don’t know how this never-changing behaviour will help to both parties in the long run (if the “run” will be long anyway) ; but you are surely on a wrong path, my friends.

  • Establish Trust.
  • Respect the Authors’ hard-work.

Just saying.

Edit: And when it comes to “user experience”, I don’t want to write about it anymore (after all the changes on homepages and how the most precious areas are wasted with those changes), but how come you decided to hide “Forums” in that dropDown?


It’s terrible.


Yeah please, keep the username clickable to go back to our dashboard!
Is a huge wasting of time to wait menu appearing and to find dashboard link (you haven’t also used icons… bad choice IMHO)


design is nice but where is community badges?


I think it looks really nice! Can we get our money text lighten up a bit too?


A couple of thoughts on the new design:

It’s fine accessing links through a drop down menu you can only see once you hover your curser over an icon (i.e. ‘Our Products’) when you know that’s what you have to do. However, it doesn’t seem sensible to make it difficult for users who aren’t aware of this and may only find this out by accident. Which will include by definition any potential new customers looking at the website for the first time.

The Forums and Envato Community links are not really ‘Products’ so it really doesn’t make sense putting them in this category.


Well, honestly I like the fact that finally when I work in public places, people are not able to see my balance right away. From what I remember, this was requested by authors some time ago. Nice menu, I like it.


Authors can barely see it now too :wink: if that was the idea I would have moved it to the first dropdown position.


I felt some discomfort from “dark balance” thing right away, but now I even like it this way. :grinning:
Enjoying new design! :wink:


I don’t understand why they’ve been hidden at a small size at the bottom of that menu. The forum link should be more prominent imo.


Why not make clickable username that goes to dashboard ,who even makes changes like these without thinking ?


Yeah, I tried to find the link to community badge but did not find it on header and footer. I have to check my url box on the browser to find the history.


is it just me or the grey over black is awful ?

I would go with:
div#top-navbar-links a, div#top-navbar-links span {
color: #eee;
font-size: 11px ; or 12px
letter-spacing: 1px;
font-weight: bold;

maybe you should try a different font ?

As far as I know about user experience … is never force the user to understand something


Design is clean and modern, this is awesome !

But, where is Community Badges, Help, Popular Files, Features Files, Top Authors ? :frowning:

These options are very important for us, please put them back together with new header :slight_smile:


We side with all the authors that pointed out that the earnings number is too dark, it should be a lighter color, like before. But more important, why is none talking about the footer? People were already complaining about the Envato Elements banner on top of the market, but now, with the new footer, they have an elements ad on all pages, including our profile and item pages! We think that this is outrageous seeing that we work hard to drive traffic to our profiles and item pages just to see you guys advertise something that most authors have nothing to do with! It feels like we are on a free market where you guys have to sell ads to gain revenue, but we are already paying you from 64% to 30% of our sales, so what is that for? On other topic you said that the elements banner on the author’s profile pages was a mistake, but now you are doing something like this, how can you explain it?


Now the forum is hard to find. He had a good place before that :slight_smile:
And yes, too much empty black space.


Looks like videohive got this things too. I like it, but now there is two similar footers. I hope elements that doubles itself on page will be cleaned. Also I like the idea that there is no links to top authors. It is items that should be endorsed.

Maybe it will be wise to separated “our products” and “community” to two separate buttons with droping menu and add link to support and badges in community button menu. And profile picture would be nice and “my balance” pushed down to first line in dropping line like it was already suggested.


Better design


Guys, why do I need the ‘Start selling’ link in the header when I’m logged in, if I’m already an author?

And why did you make the nickname bold while a user’s account balance (especially for authors) is more important?