First Item in on GraphicRiver

Hello Community,

So I got my first item approved on GraphicRiver. Although it was a small test if my design skills where enough to get me on it, it worked.

So where do I go from here. My main focus is writing WordPress related themes and plugins but before I spend my time writing those with the main focus of selling them on the Envato platform I want to know the ins and out.

What I see is that I made a few mistakes. My title is probably wrong and the only keyword I get on page 1 is with “House Festival Flyer”. I underestimated the traffic to the product, day one where is was on the frontpage ( new items ) I only got 40-ish unique page view.

What tips can you guys give me on the topic of getting more “views” to your products?

First Item:

I think your design is quite nice, although probably a more interesting font on the PLANET X title would help make it more appealing. Overall the typography looks only borderline good enough to me. You’ve got the normal amount of views for a new flyer, the problem is the site is overrun with flyers. So it’s very hard to get sales, mostly the big established authors who are prolific with uploads are able to stand out from the crowd. Not really possible if you’re a small new author. Having a website promoting your work, or some other offsite promotion is only way to do it. If your main focus is web, maybe you’ll have more success uploading on theme forest or code canyon?

Hi ToivioMedia,

Yeah ThemeForest and CodeCanyon is going to be my main focus but its nice to upload designs that I made for customers that dont want it ( most of the times I make a couple designs for 1 customer to choose from ).

Although code projects take a lot longer I have the feeling that there is a bigger market for those then for my graphics.

Maybe there is a way to promote new stuff via other social channels, maybe a weekly top 5 in a Youtube video. Would be a nice idea to make such a thing with a couple of small creators so we can switch it up and maybe even earn some extra though affiliates.

Thanks for the response!