Is my flyer ok for graphicriver ?

Hello !
I have trouble uploading my first flyer on graphicriver and i wanted to know if this one is ok, or if it need modifications.

Thank’s a lot for helping ! :slight_smile:

i’ve just updated the font here :

what do you think ?

Pretty basic, and it might get through, but don’t get your hopes up.

But if you want to try, then remove the GRAPHICRIVER, ENVATO, text as it isn’t needed and since the text hierarchy is going from short to long, is guaranteed to get it binned again, (l don’t think that they soft reject here anymore).

Text needs to go in an oval shape, and if not then a graphic element needs to break up the inconsistency.

I would also consider investing in some graphic elements, Envato sells them, and others.

I know that l invested about $50 into elements for my first try, and 8 failed attempts later got one in.

Don’t give up and you will do it!

PS click on my avatar image and link, if you want to check out my ones.


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Thank’s ! I will improve my flyer with your tips ! :slight_smile:
Have a nice day !

Welcome @MrSoundFX!