My first flyer on GraphicRiver had been rejected

They told me that " it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward"
But i think my shot is not bad ,somebody can tell me why?And what should I do to pass the review?

I think it’s nice, but that’s definitely not a flyer, it’s an illustration. If you made all that yourself, and is done so in a high resolution, you can try submitting it as an illustration instead.

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nice job but this is a illustrator no flyer. you can make new item illustrator and submit graphicriver category vector. regards.

I forgot which category i had chosen,may be no flyer.
But the E-mail they send me told me that it’s not the wrong category.Just not meet the quality requirement.
And i made that with Photoshop CC,not with Illustration CC.
so what i upload is .psd.
And i can’t get the meaning of what their e-mail said:“it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward,”
And the resolution i made is 1600x1200px.

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You can add some texts, title, etc you can see other flyer for example approved in graphicriver.

but you no use 1600x1200px, you can use a4 and .25 bleed.

no,this is not the problem of category,i think i had chosen the right one.
And my topic title is wrong,so just foget it .