This FLYER can be accepted by GraphicRiver?!

I dont know if i can be accepted by graphicriver with this item

The typography looks a bit underworked, I think you should do more there. The hierarchy isn’t working very well, nothing’s really popping or jumping out at you. Doing more with colour, styling, scale etc should help.

i’ve done some more improvements !

Nice background, but now the typography is completely drowned out! Typography MUST pop out of the design and be the most visible part = otherwise it’s not communicating. Graphic design is about communication. You can barely read or notice the text here. I already said it’s the typography you need to work on the most, not the other parts. Still it’s a great background, if used right it could be good for a flyer. But you have to give the typography a space of it’s own, for example this one:

you mean i need to work on the date/special guests text ? or on the summer text?