I've got Hard Reject

Hi. I’m working on GraphicRiver since October 2018, but Graphicriver rejects my all item. I’ve got a hard reject. Can some help me…


hi in a general way u have an issue of typo , this is clean, but flat and lacking originality and combinations indeed and this is impacting how the hierarchy of information that u have created is felt by reviewer and potential buyers. This is the general overview.

for the first card, well this style is much seen in this category and this category is a hard one, also due to the very numerous submissions there are the related number of authors. U also have an issue of alignment because of the very architecture of the lay out indeed

the second card is cool in my view, though it could be better with more original icons, more contrast between different colors and once again a more elaborated typo

the first flyer is clean or tasteful, the thing is that this is impossible to understand what this is all about … it looks like that u have the b-side of a 2-sided flyer … no title is springing out and hard to get to know what the flyer is all about in a glance … u also have some issue with some texts too close from the edges and same goes with the qr code
the flyer is ok, though the general lay out is not very original to say the least

the last item / 2nd flyer
the combination of colors is not very harmonious if u ask me. The title is not outstanding enough and the hierarchy is a bit “weak”. I personally do not like the use of italic font which look very old or outdated, as u wish. It seems to ne that both logo and the header text are really too close from the edge, they are “not breathing”

Thanks for your valuable comment

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u are welcome indeed :slight_smile: