GraphicRiver Market Feature Request

So, I buy a lot of printable products. It would be great if I could upload/attach my end product to the product I purchased. It would be great to see what people do with the templates they buy and authors might find it fun to see them as well.

Maybe let the author curate a “gallery” for each product.


Hi @dnavarrojr. Great idea!

One option you have available is to post your end products as entries in the Made With Envato - Graphic Design contest, and tag the author in to that forum post (using @[username]) so they will see it.

That will make your creations visible to the authors of the items, and also gives you a chance to win some prizes each month :wink:

(On that note, we’re running a little behind on Feb/Mar prizes - if anyone reading this is still waiting on the latest batch of winners, we should have those ready to announce next week!)

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