what can i do for marketing my item from outside of the envato market

Hello everyone, i just want to ask to all succesfull author on Graphicriver, especially the mockup author, about what do you do to marketing your item on Graphicriver to engage more traffic from the outside of Graphicriver market? I just want to know, because i’ve been a year in Graphicriver but my sales is under 100 sales… is that ok? Or maybe my item not much enough? What can i do for increase my sales, :slight_smile:

Hope there are good people that want to share their tips or trick or gave me some advice. thanks…

you could use pinterest

Yes… every i submitted new item i’ve pin all my item image into my pinterest…

hi i recommend that u use dribbble, deviantart , pinterest and all the more traditional social networks too

Hi… so i just share my portofolio to any social media…? Hmm that sounds good… thanks for your advice Suggestion :slight_smile:

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u are welcome :slight_smile: