How to increase my sale on GraphicRiver

I am starting design for graphicriver and this time I have approved my few print design items, So I just want to know from expert how to promote my product and increase my sale also which method I will follow for more and more design approval :slight_smile:


Nr 1 -> Make pinterest account and after your item is approved you can see “share” icons below your preview image - use pinterest to promote. At this moment I have 9k + monthly viewers there and I see a lot visits from pinterest. So pinterest is nr 1 to do.

Nr 2 -> all other portals like behance, deviantart… maybe other, but pinterest is must have.

This is what I have to say :slight_smile: good luck


yeah and dribbble too :slight_smile:

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Dear @Novocaina I have pinterest account and there already pin my items

so this means that u still need behance, deviantart and dribbble lol