Preview images/templates for Product Mock-ups

I am new in graphicriver and I would like to start as a contributor for Product Mock-up on envatomarket!
I’ve already created some catalog mockups and I’m looking for templates/image to use in my preview for the items to sell!

I can use one template from other author of envatomarket?
it’s possible? how?
can you help me?


Yes, you can use other author template screenshot’s
But you have to credit back the author into your product description (below the image preview)

thanks for the quick reply!
how can I do it ?

I have to ask .jpg template screenshots to the author?

You would need to buy a license and crate what you want to use.

Just to be clear - using another item requires permission from the original author - crediting then alone is not enough.

Depending on how you plan to integrate it they may require extended licenses, profit sharing etc.

I would like to use some template from other authors only for my mockups preview,
templates will not be sold in my mainfiles!

I still have to buy the license or I can ask the .jpg preview and credit it!?

Yes - it’s not your image and it is supporting your commercial efforts

I have to buy the license and also credit it!


Personally, I would email the author and ask them what they would expect. If it’s only in the preview then they may not force further purchasing

This product mockup contains my template screenshots and the author contacts me to use my screenshots and wants to credit back to me in his product description. So I don’t ask him to buy but send my screenshots.

I also agree with @charlie4282 :slight_smile: