A new opportunity for GraphicRiver authors

Just a quick heads up that in the weeks ahead we’ll be inviting selected GraphicRiver authors to participate in a new product called Envato Elements that we plan to launch in 2016.

Envato Elements will be a subscription aimed at agencies, designers and professionals who need items on a frequent or high-volume basis. It is a brand new platform (separate to Envato Market) with a distinctive user experience and carefully curated content library, plus various features that large customers need (e.g. sub-accounts, user management, usage reports, etc)

For authors, this represents a great opportunity to reach new customers and earn additional revenue. Both exclusive and non-exclusive authors can participate.

Contributors to Envato Elements will share in 50% of the net revenue from subscriptions (regardless of the exclusivity of their items). From our side, Envato will be making a heavy investment in marketing and promotion to attract a large new audience of design professionals who may not be well served by Envato Market because of their volume requirements and their need for particular group account features.

If you’re an active author on GraphicRiver, chances are you are already in the process of being considered! Our team is systematically going through all active authors, evaluating each against the selection criteria, and inviting those that we believe are the very best fit.

There are only a limited number of spots available pre-launch, but as the subscriber base grows we’ll be able to open up the opportunity to more contributors.

So if you miss out on an invitation in the next few months, please don’t get discouraged! Keep working on building a portfolio of consistently high quality items, present them well, stay up to date on design trends, and then re-apply when we open up inbound applications at a later date.

There are still plenty of details to be worked out, but we wanted to give you all some advance notice before we start reaching out to selected authors soon. If you have questions, ask them here and we’ll do our best to answer them.



hi Dloverso, this sounds very interesting to say the least, especially as long as it may give authors a new opportunity to make better revenues. However, may i ask how the selection is going to be made? i failed to understand if we need to let you know if we want in or if you (envato) are going to do “everything on your own” and select the people u are the most interested in. Please tell me more , thanks in advance

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Hi @n2n44, Thanks for your question. There’s nothing you need to do for now. At this pre-launch stage contributors are being hand-picked from active authors on GraphicRiver using a consistent set of selection criteria. In the future we’ll open it up more broadly to inbound applications.

thank you for your answer . Besides, i am happy to let you know that it seems to be a good initiative for authors. I just hope that the concerned selection will take longevity, sales, potential and so on into account and that it will fit with what most of the guys are expecting for (especially for the guys who invested much time , effort etc in envato’s marketplaces and just not only the most celebrated authors). have a nice day Dloverso and thanks for the information and answer :wink:

Great idea. :grinning:

I’m very lucky to be part of the new business opportunities that you offer. :heart_eyes:

hi, u mean that they already have selected u buddy?

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Fantastic idea!!

Can i join for this?

no u can’t buddy, they will pick up who they choose …

necessary most importantly :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest @Alicco !

We’re not accepting inbound application at this time. Our team is going through GraphicRiver authors systematically looking for those that meet our selection criteria to become Envato Elements first contributors.

Chances are you’re already being considered however If you do miss out on an invitation in this first round, please don’t get discouraged! It’s also worth mentioning that invites will be rolling out in batches over the next few months, thanks for your patience.

Here’s the selection criteria we’re following:

Must have

  • Consistent Quality: An exceptional level of quality across entire portfolio, with all work in your portfolio of the highest standards. If there’s a mixture of quality in your portfolio then we evaluate on case by case basis, focusing on recent work.
  • Quality item presentation, branding and description of items: Products are accurately represented, with great looking preview images and collateral. Item titles, previews & descriptions should be clear and compelling.
  • Style: Items should feel premium, be relevant to our target audience, highly useable, as well as on-trend, modern & clean.
  • Proven track record: We require a highly rated portfolio, good customer feedback and a history of playing fair on Envato Market or other similar sites.

Nice to have

  • Actively creating and uploading new work
  • Solid portfolio (a minimum of 10 to 20 items preferred)
  • A range of item types
  • Uniqueness

Must not have

  • I.P. or Copyright issues
  • Major negative feedback from customers

@dloverso Ok thanks for answer my question :grinning:

That’s like a great sound :relieved:

I hope, i can to be part of the Envato Elements :smile:

we all hope so buddy, the problem is that it loos unlikely that we all do … i guess corporate good thinking will prevail, here they prefer his than constructive criticism and people pointing at what’s to embetter lol

@natman @collis will the same rules related to the expansion to the US apply to Envato Elements?

Nice opportunity i like it so much

Great news, we’re pretty excited too. One question that’s bothering us, as you’ve mentioned the ratings will affect the selection process. Ratings from other Envato Market Places would be considered? Like a rating from CodeCanyon?

As it’s only for GraphicRiver, we can be hopeful.

Anyway, we will be following it closely. Good luck guys in the selection process.

that’s very likely in my view


well that’s a great opportunity for the authors… i hope i?