Envato Elements - Coming in 2016

Jords here from the Envato Elements team!

A while ago we let you know that we’re in the process of reviewing and selecting GraphicRiver authors to be contributors on a new product we’re working on called Envato Elements.

Launching in 2016 our subscription service will give users access to a range of graphic design templates and assets. We’re well into development and have today launched our landing page showing off some of the awesome assets we’ll have. You can also register to receive updates from us and be the first to hear about special pricing.

We’d also love to know if you’re interested in becoming an Elements contributor. If you’ve got the skills and are looking for a new revenue stream, register your email address on the contributors section and we’ll be in touch.

Check it out!

Thanks so much, and happy holidays!

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I have a question.
This system will be replaced by currently system ?
I mean other sites like Videohive will be changed to something like this Element style ?

I mean videohive buyers can subscribe to this system and download unlimited ?

If yes, What is the benefit of this system for authors in Videohive ?


To me Envato elements is just an unfair competition to graphic river. Why buy an item from gr when, for the same price, you get a hundred of items directly from Envato… I wonder when will Envato themes will be launch to make Tf some competition?

Not necessarily.

If someone needs a product of $8 or $19, why should paying $49 and taken hundreds of products (if he does not need)?

For me, it seems also very unfair. Why should someone buy any longer on GR, when he can get all things for $18? Is it worth to upload new items on GR?

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