Question about my purchase.

Hello Everybody.

I have surely a stupid question.
I’ve purchased a one year subscription few days ago following envato elements link.
From a very good publicity on the first month i admit :wink:

So if i have “unlimited downloads” on elements, the graphic river part still put some prices on all the items.
Is my subscription concerns only elements?
Why the Graphic river part propose me to to subscribe the same subscription that my elements one?

I thought that i could access to all Envato parts (GR, Theme Forest, Market, etc)

It is my first thread so i hope it is not disturbing.

Have a nice day all…
Thanx for reading :wink:


The subscription give access to download all items from Envato Elements, but not from Envato Market. there is no subscription for Envato Market (graphicriver, themeforest, codecanyon etc).

Here’s the current list of All available Items in Envato Elements:

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Thank You Very Much For Your answer and Your Rapidity.

Take Care.