Let's talk about the new page layout on GR

Hey everybody, hope everyone’s having a great new year.
So on one of my casual visits to graphicriver, i noticed some bold new changes going on in terms of the item page. Changes? to be honest i was hoping these are temporary maintenance efforts before normality is restored, but on the off chance that these are new changes and that they’re permanent, i think we should come together, kind of like a big family to talk about this new look.

I’m going to start by saying, I don’t get it?
First, this section wasn’t hurting nobody :grinning: you had the author’s name, a quick link to the portfolio, sales, comments and rating sections, followed by clear item attributes.
All these details combined did not really add to the page’s vertical footprint, in fact they did well to complement the main preview image, which can be as large as 8000 pixels in height.

Now it looks like the page is missing a lot of content, quite literally. There’s nothing on the right side of the page to complement the potentially lengthy preview image. To add to this, there is no link to the author’s portfolio (only profile up top), the attributes are tucked in by default which in practice will be strenuous to click on once per item whilst going through multiple items. Finally the comment and sales count have moved up, where they belong more?

The item description has also gained a premature nip-tuck, so now any descriptions longer than 2 lines will require a click to reveal, which again would interrupt the browsing flow if you’re a buyer going through many items before purchase.

Personally i think this would work great as “mini view” while you’re going through search results before moving to the item’s page. But once you’re on the item’s page, i see no reason to do away with relevant page content. A portfolio button is also great to shuffle through items by the same author.

I’m interested to hear what you think.

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Perhaps consider joining the discussion at: Hypothesis-driven testing on Envato Market - it’s not only GR, it’s CC too.


Thanks for linking these up.