Some ideas to improve the overall Marketplace

Hi Guys!

As we all know, the marketplace is overcrowded, lack of exposure to our items that leads to a decrease in sales. I think its time Envato steps up there game and work on some big changes, this doesn’t include building a seperate site and putting everything in a $29 bundle! lol.

I have a few ideas i would like to share with you, what i and a few clients of mine have noticed when using the marketplace.

Category Page

This is a joke right? I can’t believe a marketplace with so many products only show two items above the page fold. Look at the tags for the products, are they really necessary? they take up a lot of space.

In my opinion the design for this page should be started again, keep it simple yet give maximum exposure to the items, a grid like structure with the item image, price, title and parent category should do. Maybe use of flex grid. 4 columns with 10 rows, with this, 10 extra items would be on the first page, 40 instead of 30.

With so many products available i’m sure there is alot of crap and alot of authors that have abandoned projects collecting dust… Why not make the product icon larger and rectangle 250x150 for example that will fit the new grid. Disabling all items that haven’t made the required thumbnail update will make the marketplace partially clean as i’m sure alot of authors wouldn’t take the effort to provide a item update.


This is a community based site, why do i feel the community is not very close to the marketplace, i still have no idea how to use this thing and more annoyingly i have to click the sign in button twice if i want to be part of the forums, this shouldn’t be. How do i browse through the authors items? I remember in the old forum clicking the author and that took me to there items, i actually made a purchase too… I don’t see this happening here.

Just my 2 cents…


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I agree with your points on exposure.

But the forums are having some new changes being implemented into them so hopefully some of those suggestions you have made will be made available soon. I definitely want it to be made easier to see an author’s portfolio from the forums without the author having to put a link in their bio.