Some contributions to improve the market

Here are some suggestions to improve our market:

  1. Remove all items that have been released for over a year with 0-1 sales.

  2. Add a feature to the iFrame that detects demo/landing pages that have been inactive for more than 3 days. Envato should send an email warning to the author about the downed demo/landing page. If the demo is not restored within a week, the item will be removed.

  3. Use an algorithm to limit the visibility of items in the search tool that haven’t been updated in over a year.

  4. Introduce a status indicator for authors, such as: Online now, Online 2 hours ago, Online 1 day ago, Online 2 days ago, etc. Authors who are truly dedicated to the market will always be online. If an author neglects the market, customers can see their online status. This feature is already available on some other e-commerce platforms.

Thank you for reading this post. If you have any better ideas, please feel free to contribute. Make Themeforest Great Again!

I also want your opinion: @BenLeong @KingDog
Thank you


You’re new, aren’t you? :slight_smile:


I strongly agree with your perspective.

Thanks for the suggestions! The approximate wait time on support kinda does what you describe, but maybe it’s not visible enough.


The first point is kind of crazy actually. For the new authors is already tough and erase tracks means making it even more difficult. It’s important for us to create a portfolio and like that it’s nearly impossibile.

@KingDog Thank You
@Nova-Creative Thank You
@marcomusic90 A year (I mean a full year, not just a few weeks or months) since the product was approved for the market, but sales are still at zero. So, what do you expect from this product? It’s a failure in terms of investment. Some other ideas (eg item update issue) I think would be suitable for Themeforest and Codecanyon.

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If I remember correctly, there was also a similar Topic by the author @The4 , mentioning another author on Themeforest who submits dozens of items each month in the Shopify Theme category. Most of these items have zero sales. The designs of these items are all the same or similar, and many items even have display errors. All the items have only one homepage. Spamming the market with these low-quality themes has affected other authors who submit better, more effort-invested items.

Edit, Topic that i mentioned:

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I always want all authors selling digital products on ThemeForest to have a good income, and they should focus on quality instead of trying to thoroughly spam everything. From the market side, I see RisingBamboo’s contributions as very practical. Good products & services are the foundation for success (By the way, I hope Envato has more promo campaigns for Shopify themes)


This situation would benefit those who have been selling on the platform for a long time but be a total disadvantage for new authors. They need to upload a lot to the platform to get noticed. It’s possible that you start selling an article years after its publication because it hadn’t been discovered yet. This has happened to many.

I don’t think so. Whether it’s a new author or an established one, when they release a new product, it always starts with zero sales. Their products appear when customers filter by the new product category. Additionally, customers on Themeforest usually search for keywords related to their needs. By simply optimizing the tags, the product will always appear when customers search. However, if a product can’t make a single sale over a long period, it’s clear that there is no demand for it. So, what’s the point of keeping it? For example, in the Shopify category, there’s a product that has been released for three years without a single sale. Why should Themeforest keep it?

I don’t think it’s the same for someone who has been selling for a short time and someone who has been an important author for years here. I don’t think it’s the same level. Anyway, we will never all agree, and fortunately, we don’t make the rules here. We only have to make products…