@staff UI / UX Improvement suggestion

Hey guys,

is it really that hard to make the categories links on “popular items by category” page like tags/filters and leave them all there permanently?

At the moment you change 2 or 3 sets of links every few hours giving exposure to one group OR another. This creates a clearly visible pattern in our items visibility and traffic in Analitycs.

When there is an eCommerce link for example - we have a stable traffic and good sales. For the hours you replace the links with the other set - none, zero, nada, yok, kaput, bitti!

Reducing the font-size a bit and styling them like tags would:

  1. Make it look NOT like an unstyled patch from a '90s site
  2. Eliminate the problem and traffic fluctuations for authors
  3. Increase and make more fair the traffic for all authors
  4. Earn more money for both us authors and Envato.

If it’s not clear enough - talking about this one:

P.S.: BTW, that section would be instantly soft-rejected by ThemeForest reviewers for bad typography and lack of visual hierarchy. Just sayin’ :wink:

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