2019, ThemeForest, new one month uploaded item, barely having a few tens of visitors.

What happened to this place? I mean i get it, Elements has all Envato’s focus, but really - traffic on ThemeForest’s new items this low?!

I get this new category layout converts more for Envato, and it does make a lot of sense to have it, but come on guys, you really dumped new items barely giving a chance to gain a steady exposure.

I know i have a strong and competitive item. I know for sure it’s at least as better as the top selling items, not to mention other new items. But it barely has a few tens of visitors (a half of these visitors are probably existing buyers).

It’s super frustrating to see my item ignored and other less competitive items being “handpicked”, “top”, “rising” etc.

My philosophy when i worked on this item, especially when i saw the category page changes was - ok, do the right thing, make your item great and the rest will follow.

Due to this unfair low traffic, this week i barely got 1 sale. I cannot support myself with this income and inevitably have to abandon a perfectly good competitive product (which again is much attractive and better than most dinosaur bestselling items).

Please Envato, show more respect for new items by actually checking them and if they’re worthy, promote them. You win, author wins, customer wins.

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I know that Envato offers a huge customer base - but don’t forget to self-promote. Try submitting your theme to gallery sites, reach out to blogs that put together “best themes” lists, see if you can recommend your theme as a solution in forums, try buying a few ads, etc. It never hurts to promote your own product!

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@WPExplorer AJ thanks for your suggestions, but you missed my point.

I was trying to make a point about the recent changes in Category page and “New items” layouts on ThemeForest. New Items page is buried, however the Category layout new design is focusing on manual Envato handpicking system and general excellence, which is great and love that. Simply put, worthy items should get a lot more attention than plain ordinary items.

The problem i see is that this handpicking process seems shallow and there’s no actual focus on manual checking the items to extract worthy ones. For example right now there’s a 2 star rated item on the “Handpicked by Envato” block. I mean come on…
Edit: Not even from a conversion POV doesn’t make sense. It’s been over 1 week and some of those items didn’t get even 1 sale.

I don’t want to be nostalgic or to complain. But i worked almost an year on this item and getting a few tens of visitors on such a big marketplace is so, so disappointing to say the least. Especially knowing my item is far better than a majority.

Onto self-promotion, sure, it’s an obvious step that i’m doing, but i wanted to gain exposure through an outcome of “worthiness” with all these new marketplace changes.

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Really saddens me to see there’s no official response nor action taken. I’m not a tiki torch guy demanding explanations, i just wanted a fair focus on ThemeForest as well.

The lack of reply just proves my point.

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