Horrible Themeforest Stats

Hi Envato! @scottwills @KingDog @collis
I was just going through the ALEXA ranking and stats of Themeforest.net today http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/themeforest.net and got shocked to see how the traffic has gone below below and below every another day since beginning of this year.

You have tried every of your option, even the US company and credit card thing but I doubt things has improved, even the sales are worst now. And I can see the main reason is Traffic. Your major traffic 22% comes from India and 5% from Pakistan & from US its only 7%

I am not here to demotivate other and even envato. I am here to ring a bell to please push it forward else the system is going to collapse soon.

Let me know what I being an author of envato can do to improve this situation.

Our sales is worst right now and this has been going down and down everyday. Which is making us feel very impatient and demotivated. Hope you will understand our situation and feelings.

Just another Author


One of the reason i feel is other marketplaces are promoting heavily, like i can see DIVI , Creative Market, and Some direct shops are selling good

US Loosing rank (From when they launched the US Thing) - maybe US People dosent like the ENVATO USA.INC

Envato should Start ENVATO INDIA.INC To (Made in india - Make in india) Attract Indian users :slight_smile:

And I am Missing The Envato Bundles :frowning: No Offers No New Users :frowning:


And how exactly would you know wether or not these competitors are doing well? Most, if not all, keep their numbers private.

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i was checking the stats of traffic on the other websites and it has increased a lot.

I can’t see when this was posted but regardless it makes some good points about the relability of alexa https://www.premiumwp.com/is-wordpress-really-in-decline/

hey guys, check this also http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/wordpress.org
wordpress have same diagram :confused:

Most of the traffic I get comes from India, but not a single sale.
People in India don’t seem to buy a lot here in Themeforest, so I can’t see the need for having an “Envato India”.