New Look GraphicRiver Search Results


We’ve started rolling out a new look for GraphicRiver search results, following on from previews updates to PhotoDune, ThemeForest, and CodeCanyon. We’re testing the new look against the previous version so you may not see it straight away.

There are no changes to the search algorithm or sorting with this launch - it is purely a visual update to better showcase your items.

How does it look? Like this!

Any questions or feedback let me know here :smiley:


Finally! :metal:
Are there any special recommendations for design or an updated guide that includes new preview sizes, including retina displays?

I would show it a bit smaller to get a better overview. 4 items per row.


It’s too big preview image, it should be smaller even five in row. On one page there are 30 items to 60 pages it is 1800 items in categories eg in Add-Ons category have 22749 items, why not see all of them but only those 1800 items? This is a bad thing.

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I do not like. Choosing a template has become more difficult.
Small thumbnails 80x80px were better.


Too large preview size. Make 4 in a row, it will be optimal. Now the view is blurred, accents are lost (


toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggggggggg

Make this thumbnails smaller man… ;]


Make 4 to 5 items per row!


No way to make a good search. The size of the thumbnails is HUGE!!! This is a step back

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The preview images are way too big. You have to decrease the size.

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for me looks good, maybe 4 items per row much better…

but my sales now stopped… 3 days no sales :worried:

Hi @lukemeehan . Any response on the big preview images? You guys planning to add 4 items per row?

no one sifts through more than 60 pages or 1800 items, they will use the search or enable another filter before that.

If you think that you will lose a sale because your item on position 1801 does lose exposure now then I doubt that :wink:

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Considering the sales of last months I do not believe in anything :grinning:

Hi all, thanks for your feedback :smiley:

We’re still running the first test so won’t make any changes until it’s complete. Any changes will be based on whether the design helped customers find items and make more purchases than the old design.

A tip for people wanting 4 in a row: You can close the filter panel once you’ve finished using it to show this :smiley:

@dgas99 We closely monitor how customers use the site and very few use the pagination for more than a few pages. The majority of customers search and filter until the result they need is on the first few pages :mag:


Well I prefer 4 in a row because the preview images are looking too big.
3 in a row is ok if the preview images are a bit smaller.

Does these tests have to happen online? I would only implement these changes only if they are fully ready.
Maybe you guys can form a beta group of authors to test these things on a closed beta network?

@styleWish We test our designs with Envato customers and gather feedback before we launch our larger scale A/B tests online. Doing it this way gives us enough information to know we’re launching changes real customers want and measure those changes at scale to ensure we’re helping increase sales.

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Looks good, doesn’t work. we won’t have “80” pages anymore but 6 millions and the users will watch the first 3 as they already do. The only items visible will be the most popular even more that way.

It’s becoming less worth day by day to publish here on the Envato markets with the amount of stuff you let through, the search tool being inferior since 2010, and the fantastic envato elements where you didn’t even invite all the good authors.

Just the best of the best gets visibility, the rest ends up in a pot with the old stuff.
Have you ever actually tried to “search” for something in the market? like for real that you need it? I don’t think so.

What will happen if you don’t clean, is what happens to every existing social network/ community up to now: it is gonna get too cluttered of old stuff and DIE like myspace, like Twitter ecc. and people will just go to new ones which are cleaner and newer when you can start all over and get new fresh stuff like Instagram. Then Instagram will die and a new fresh one will be created.

It will happen to Graphicriver as well one day, but if the place stays a bit more fresh maybe it won’t. We’re starting to rot specially in graphicriver where only actions, corporate and print sell.

Can you imagine the illustrations section with those thumbs? what’s the point of uploading in that category, you’re going to be at page number 236278 in 2 hours.


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I have good news for you @Giallo: We haven’t changed the number of items displayed per page as part of this change so customers see the same number per page :smiley:

@lukemeehan Well I like working on a laptop and the huge preview images certainly make it feel like you get a lot less results.
Its only once the never ending scrolling (to get to the end of page one) starts that you realise there are too many items on the page for your screen size.

Searching has become a nightmare.

More options to fine tune the search results would be most welcome.