Hi, Want Help from Seniors

Hi, I am new to Graphic River and had made the following items for envato but I just want to seek some help please review these items critically and let me know what to improve before submitting them Thanks for your Time

hi I am sorry but how would u like people to potentially let u know what we think about your works with such a huge amount of items? this is pushing us into having global observation rather than specific and detailed creation per creation feedback. Anyway, as u force us into doing some generic feedback , here we go … most of the cards turn out to be simple and not to have any real concept , which is rather incompatible with the marketplace as it is today. In the past , generic things “fitting all” could be beneficial but nowadays , in a saturated market working mainly out of striking niches, this is a very different story indeed. This is rather the guaranty that the item is going to get “drowned” in an instant indeed, not to mention that this is super difficult to bring something somewhat a bit new to the table if u ever keep to such a rather minimalistic and simple style that u have in most of the cards that u are showing here. Let’s also face it in many cases, the execution time or the skills that it takes to be able to redo the item are far from being significant, in other words, the items - I mean a good deal of them - turn out to have a rather low commercial potential as they do not respond to the main needs for buyer to buy so that they would rather save money and do on their own rather than buy and save time or offer things that would be really beyond their personal design skills. In this extent, why would the reviewer actually accept the concerned files , when they identify the items as having limited or no commercial potential in the first place (especially with such a saturated market as this one, with so many guys in town and such an extended of already available templates …). U have to figure this out, a lot of these templates, once u have taken the logo they just end up offering colorful shapes, texts and basic icons, maybe this is a bit light , in my view, to motivate people to spend some money to purchase these works … In addition of the style issues, there are also some other things to fix and problems that u are being confronted with, in particular as regard to contrast, not in all cards, but in several. Let me remind u off the fact that contrast is a basic design principle and that messing with such a point is clearly not a good idea. This is already never good when it comes to basic design principles but the thing gets worse again when this is about contrast, since this principle , in particular , means additional troubles in a snowball effect. there will be impact and very negative consequences when it comes to readability, exposure and hierarchy of information. The worse part is for instance when u have the name of the person being less visible than the function and being , honestly , clearly not super visible (cf pixzoo card for example). Sometimes same goes with the icons on top their related bullet, they are hardly seen and as the icon is definitely simple and looks like a preset and thus bringing not much to the table for that matter and that this is not even contrasting, u may wander what is the point to have it in the end … This is also possible to discuss the positioning of the info and the logo in particular in most of the cards, as if u know what I call “z-shape reading process” refers to (that is to say the way eyes sweep across any document) and determines main impact zones, the disposition may look as no the most efficient one that u can have had …

Hey, Thanks for your Response, Thanks for your feedback, Really Appreciated it. actually, it clears me a lot and helps me in the future to make things clearer and sharper. Thanks Once Again

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u are welcome , this is the goal, I usually like getting into detailed feedback also so that people can really have a clue of how to get their game to the next level :slight_smile: if u have enough clues as regard to what to do, u can check the solution box :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile: