Update to GraphicRiver Image Height Restrictions

Earlier this year we let GraphicRiver authors know about a more general trial we planned to run on a subset of Envato Market item pages to analyze the performance benefits and cost effectiveness of automatically optimizing pages.

As a reminder, our goal with this is to responsibly serve images to our customers, not change how our authors build and market their item descriptions.

One of the key aspects of this is limiting image height in item previews (via upload form) and item descriptions (added via HTML field) to a max of 8000px. We’re about to move to the next phase of the trial and there are still files out there with heights above this value.

As it’s not a fully automatic process, we would appreciate if you could please update any of your files above this height within the next four weeks. Any items that are still above this height after December 10 will be cropped to 8000px.

We highly recommend that you to update your preview images now to avoid any potential quality loss or unwanted impact on your item pages.

We’ll be actively monitoring this post for the next seven days answering questions related to the above. Please remember our community guidelines when posting.


Hi maybe is just me but I’d like to know if is it

8000px image preview + 8000px HTML description
or image preview + HTML description = 8000px


Some of our files Ex: A power point slideshow with 400+ slides to be displayed in the preview, how can we do it in 8000px, customers rarely click on the preview image to see slides one by one in preview image set for 400 slides, Please…

Split it into multiple, max 8000px images each? :slight_smile:

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only preview image which is added via HTML field - the same field where you can upload thumbnail and source zip files :slight_smile:

not html description below.

All everthing image preview will be crop to 8000px or just Preview Image Set ?

Hi all, we’re currently following up on your questions and I’ll let you know once we’ve got some answers for you :slight_smile:

I’m kinda happy of this change A LOT.

Is years we don’t appear in Google anymore because of this weird long images that in Google Preview Image search can’t be even seen (that’s why they disappear).

I’m not sure about removing the HTML field, that’s a space Authors use to promote their other RELATIVE products and NOT random ones, are we going to have a Tool that lets us manage what the user sees after the main preview? Like related products as in every existing online marketplace

EDIT* there’s also people who actually need the HTML field to show animated gifs because they sell gifs generators

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For me this is not clear too.

image preview will be 8000px high - its clear.

What about the section below? The whole section will be limited to 8,000 px or the point is that the section will be unlimited and only graphics added there can also have a maximum of 8000 px height?

no HMTL description anymore looks like

what do you mean “no htmldescription anymore looks like” ?

I twill be removed? changed ? anyone can say ?

yea why we don’t have an actual decent system like Behance

Hi all,

I have some answers that should hopefully make things a little clearer :slight_smile:

All preview images will be cropped at 8000px.

The HTML description section will not be limited in height, but any single images within this section will also be cropped at 8000px.

I hope this helps!


thanks - this explains everything :slight_smile:

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this helps a lot, very clear. It’s indeed a much needed, very good change.

I repeat, an even greater change would be the possibility to upload multiple images in a row (like Behance) BESIDE one unique image of 8K pixels.

Would be so easy to handle presentations, not having to make a specific presentation.

But one of the most important reasons is the appearance of these images in the Google “Image” search because that’s where 90% of the people goes when looking for Graphic Design resources.

When someone search for “watercolor action” he gets multiple single good looking images, beside a long line column image that he’s never gonna notice: now looks like the main preview image is filtered by Google because not suitable for a “good view”, since is so long (some get to 20K length), and so it shows images coming from the Preview Image Set

I hope is clear what I mean


I have almost 100 products here, mostly magazines, and each Preview Image is 590 x 15,000 px.

Do I now every single Preview Image product again do a new dimensions that will be 590 x 8,000 px and upload a new preview image for every products?

Please answer me.



Thanks for sharing this.

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Hi @LeoneDanieli,

You have a couple of options for this. The first is what you suggest, going through each one and cropping them to, at most, 8,000px. This might take a bit of time, which is why we’ve given four weeks notice, but you’ll have more control over the final image previews.

The second option, if you’re less concerned about how your images will look cropped at 8,000px, and more about the time it will take, is to do nothing. This will mean that they will all be automatically cropped at 8,000px for you after December 10th.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for your reply.

Does update of the new image waiting approve up to 7 days as well of a new product or things happen automatically?


I have 200+ items and I didn’t remember which one have image higher than 8000 px.

So I opened my folio in chrome, right click and select “inspect”, then open the “resources - images” and checked all of them, I found 13 items with preview image higher than 8000px, remade them, uploaded them, - done -> 1 hour of work :slight_smile:

my tallest one had almost 17 000 px hehehehe - making this one max 8000 px was true magic :slight_smile:

this is non-profit work, it’s hard to sit and do something for no money :slight_smile:

but this is not that hard :slight_smile: I remember when I wanted change my thumbnails in every item (200+) … you sit, get your 2 or 4 cans of redbull, play some music, and just do it :slight_smile: hehe

No - updates are faster, in my case it was maybe 12 hours of waiting :slight_smile:

just leave the message in “comments” section for reviewer that you are updating your preview image according the changes on the envato and this 8000 px max height :slight_smile: