description not understanding

Hi guys,
I’m not understanding for a description from graphicriver when I start to upload a new item to sell my project.
here is the description : 590 pixel wide JPG preview of your file. The recommended height is 700 pixels. The maximum height is 8000 pixels. If you need more previews for your item, please consider uploading an optional Preview Image Set
my question : I’m not understanding this sentence : The maximum height is 8000 pixels.
and how to do from adobe illustrator (create a logo)
thank you.

hi this basically means that height does not really matter … 8000 pixels is just huge already (and most of the people do not use 8000 but far less), though , they tell u if u feel like doing more than this, just stick to the 8000 px-high format and add a preview file (normally u have 01_design, 02_zoom and this would mean a 03_additonalpreview). if your templates are logos then u even less need to take care of this issue … no need to multiple so many previews until u reach 8000 … just make a file where u can see all the versions u offer , i guess it will not go over 3000 and maybe less … u can check in the logos i have in my portfolio if u wish - they are not numerous - and u will see that u can preview your item with far less that the 8000-high limit … besides i recommend to create your preview with photoshop rather than illustrator but it depends on u …