Update to GraphicRiver Image Height Restrictions



hey guys I made a template to make perfect preview images for Graphicriver: you can also watch the preview in the Search Page automatically. A template for Envato Authors to make perfect Previews


Thanks for sharing this. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi! Can somebody help me? How to input full size image in description?
I tried to do it with image 590x8000 with this HTML code

and get this result https://www.dropbox.com/s/ksw11q6mwfnitja/Скриншот%202018-11-22%2018.17.53.png?dl=0

I have no experience with HTML. I would be grateful for any help.


@graphic_seamus i think I will upload the project on Behance with smaller images and then post them as a list.
using as you did

<img src=""/>

The appearance on the market should be automatic to 590 width (here in the forums they’re resized differently)


The problem was solved by scaling the image to 100% (and adding to the link (on Dropbox) ? Size_mode = 5).

Does it make sense to add an alt attribute for better SEO optimization of images?

< img src=“image_url” alt=“desription_text”/ > - is it correct?



single images within this section will also be cropped at 8000px


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