A template for Envato Authors to make perfect Previews

This a Tool for Envato Authors and specially Graphicriver Authors. You can watch the preview Image in the product page and have a glance of its appearance in the Search List as well while working on the same document. Check the video demo to see what I mean: https://youtu.be/rDxNhPsm1VM

I’m using it update my previews and see how it would look in the Market, I think you’ll find this handy as well you can get the free .psd template here: https://dribbble.com/shots/5573792-Envato-Market-Graphicriver-Perfect-Preview-Template


That’s very cool buddy :smiley:

hi can anybody explain to me this preview thing that they have come up with pls?

@n2n44 the main preview image max size is 590 x 8000px - the html part remains the same with the same limit for images of 8K pixels.

If you use my psd template you can’t go wrong

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Good job, Brother.

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thank u very much buddy this looks clearer now :slight_smile: