Need thumbnail preview and description premade design for themeforest

Hi Guys,

could somebody offer me a template on graphicriver to buy which helps me to create my preview (590x300), thumbnail (80x80) and description-design for themeforest ?

Thank you.

hi i am sorry but i do not understand anything about what u asked … would u mind reformulating?

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When you upload an item on envato you need a professional design for preview image, thumbnail etc. These are needed for me.

yes and ?! lol if why u want to “buy this”? just click on someone’s item , open the file with photoshop and use it as a base for your own if u really need … but as for me, even this , i do not know what u wanna with it lol why not creating the file on your own selecting the required size? lol

Thank you so much!

hi was this the kind of thing that @Sealord introduced u with that were looking for?

Hi, yes that was what I was looking for, however it would be better with a more modern trendy design… But we will solve it.