New Look GraphicRiver Search Results



Would love to hear your thoughts on how you would like to fine tune the results?


I am not an expert on usability so my thoughts will not be of much value!

However I do know when I use other online graphic resources - and there are loads of good ones out there - the search seems a lot more intuitive making it much easier to find what you need.

I personally would love an option to make things more compact so you can view more items with less scrolling or an option to hide the filters when scrolling (adobe stock do this, they also change the items per row depending on the category. For example when you search ‘templates’ it changes to 5 in a row).

Either way the search at the moment is difficult to use. Even the free resource sites manage it better.


From my point of view this is a good example, no need too big thumbnails four or five in row, filters appears or hide when scrolling.


Good news! You can hide the filters by clicking the ‘Filter & Refine’ heading (it has a little ‘x’ to indicate this)


The test is now complete, and we have exciting news to share!
Those users who saw the new design converted over 4% higher than those that saw the old design. The new design will become the new default, and we plan to test a few more small changes over the coming weeks.


yeah and as fro me even if i do not have anything against some changes , i tend to believe that it would be much much more interesting to make sure that a guy does not own 19 slots out of 24 from the first page when u typed “dj flyer”, as this is what happened at a time …
the question of thumbnail may thus be interesting but certainly not a crucial issue, for me giving a space for all authors, all styles is much much more important thna this … especially as u do not mind how the thing is displayed if u are never in a correct positioning and that some guys trust all slots …

as for as cleaning is concerned, i agree until we are dealing with some items that turn out to be there for long and which have never sold … some guys have portfoliuos of 3000 items and have more than 700 selling nothing at all … despite being given great exposure (cf my remark as far as slots are concerned this is the same person that i refer to)


we’ll see, if the tests says more conversions it might be a good change.
I wish authors had limits in uploading products, as @n2n44 said there’s people who abuse the fact you can upload without limits.

Also if an item makes (let’s say) 5 sales in 1 year it should be automatically deleted in order to give space to new stuff.

For the user-experience this market needs the “similar product” when you watch the preview of an item at the end you have similar ones.


i personally disagree completely with this indeed! 5 sales in a year is a big ratio to ask for and i guess u do not realize the number of items that would be taken out with such a demanded requirement, especially in an environment where there are so many authors and items that basically end up bringing no visibility to some items!

Let’s face it, to get the job done , taking out all old or very old items with no more than 1 sale would be already enough to free tons of space for new items without having a policy of massive hard rejections like we have today.

Besides, sorry, but items not selling does not mean that they are bad items and as for me restricting quality issues to sales is a very big mistake, in particular in a system where we know that good positions in the search engines change it all (we also quite manage to figure out that some styles are promoted over some others this way and definitely purposedly). Basically if some items are selling despite they are poor this is because they are given big exposure and that they are in the top first pages. U have whole large portfolios made of items that are really poor to say the least - or at least a good deal of it - though some are selling. if u want i show u in a PM (normally all people agree) something that will speak by itself and u will see what i am talking about and see that i am right!

here this is said that review teams are expecting unique and quality items , but let’s face it , a lot of things that turn out to be accepted do not respect basic design principles … how is possible? what is the criteria to select then? being part on an industry and not respecting rules (and expectations) of it is strange, especially when a system of evaluating quality is in the mix.

about similar things , once again, the example is the same, there are some guys who make variation copies of their own works and they are accepted, when some guys try to offer something unique and they get bashed … as for me i have a guy making carbon copies of my items and they are all accepted lol and guess what?! in the end he had as many sales as mine, so my question is how he could make it with these copies and then how could we think only about sales as a quality issue whrn some guys copy and get sales froM others who tried to offer creative or even unique things

as for restrictions when it comes to upload, they may be part of the solution, if they are done properly. When this is promoted here that they look for quality , how can anyone believe that there are some guys posting 4 or 5 designs per day on regular basis! do not get me wrong, some guys may have the startegy to post several in one time and this is fine in this case but some guys post this number of items almost daily! (this is how a guy gets 19 out 24 of first page slots of search engine results). Think about it unless u are working 24/7 how can u get quality items with posting so very massively on almost a daily basis! this is how u end up with 3000+ items in a portfolio. Most of the time in such cases, this is not difficult to realize that that are some of patterns, and that colors, name and a picture are changed quickly and this is considered as a “new item”. Indeed, sometimes this is creating really horrible results and they are making it for sale, hard to understand to say the least!


@n2n44 yea I was thinking about 5 sales a year because some people might even buy the file themselves to keep it in the portfolio, but is very utopic to think for a selection of this type.

Mostly because the strategy you describe is in general the winning one: look at many successful youtubers or companies when they find 1 good format they spam it over and over in every sauce.

Let’s take the “5 minute crafts” trend as an example, if you opened youtube in the last month it popped up in your feeds for sure: they just spam over and over the same “hacks” and “tricks” mixing old stuff with new one.
Made 1 thing, post it 45 times, add it in other 50 compilation videos.
made 1 thing, post it 5 times with different colors, place it in 3-4 bundles.


LOL yes but think about it , if some people make the most of working things, we also have, sometimes, incredible things in this reviewing system … the fact of the matter is that one of my designs had been accepted as a flyer and it did not make it as a badge … i still wander how … and this is not the first time that i am confronted with this … i was suspended because of this issue BTW … and i was told that designs - if the format is changing - wil not be necessarily accepted … i still cannot figure out how this can happen … on the other hand u have guys who makes tons of declinations of their own designs by changing them superfically and this is ok, all items are approved … u also have guys who blatantly copy other guys items and once again , indeed, items are approved … who can understand this? especially when the very expectation is that we provide “original things” … lol

i understand that some people try to make the most of something they did and that turned out to work, now to have it over and over and over again is just one of the main cause of the saturation of the market … so, basically instead of rejecting a lot of good things , they should reject carbon copies of items that the author does and carbon copies that other authors reproduce … then take out the old things that have never sold despite being accepted for several years …

when teh focus is supposed to be on originality in facts, this is the other way around, guys making chain designs are favored …


I liked new look of search results. Looks useful and modern. Like on other marketplaces. Great!


I said about deleting old with no sales items years ago. Unfortunately no one will do this. Envato always prefer to create a new marketplace then clean and organize this one. It will happens the same with Elements in 2-3 years. There are already authors on Elements that uploads tons of vectors (the same 0 sales vectors that are flooding GR year after year)


Exactly, but if we observe is not only Envato, is how in general works. Everyone tend to cluster the f out of a place and then a new fresh one is generated. Wouldn’t be this hard to clean…
Some categories are completely dead. Graphicriver is mostly about Actions and Presentations.

As DesignSomething mentioned the Graphics category needs a different approach for people who upload a ton of illustrations.

But at this point there’s the possibility that all the buyers are just random people passing by and none of them is an actual usual customer. This would explain why envato removes the credit system maybe…

And also why this “spamming” technique is the most effective, otherwise people like OrangeBox and Indieground would be at number1


as for me i feel sad that elements is something that all people cannot access unless they are selected … this is too bad that this is mainly up to authors to join or not this “collective” system

as for saturation, i do agree but honestly i think this is only one side of the problem … the second side is that some people submit a lot everyday and finally end up with 3000+ items including at least 700 which have never sold … which is much of an issue when it comes to saturation, obviously

i may agree with u to say that this place is not perfect though i tend to disagree to say that there are mainly illustrations and presentations, as it depends on days and approved submissions, not to mention that , no matter what , staff people cannot control what is posted, fortunately enough (if not we may be pushed into doing this or that, when we are free to post what we wish to create). I also disagree with u when it comes to organization, try to get in the graphic page of the main rival and u will see how all is lost in a overwhelming flow of stock pictures until nothing else can be seen … here at least the presentation is relevant and insures more visibility to all new items …


by the way the New Look on the GraphicRiver Search result is really fantastic I’ve to regret being doubtful about these changes.

The thumbnail has no longer an important role and we’ve the chance to show a much wider area to attract the first viewers, gotta say well done on the changes.

I’m not happy still that when you look for “Trending Items” the first 3 raws are decent, but from the 4th raw starts the nonsense with files of 10 years ago never purchased… Pretty weird behaviour may be worth looking into this change as well



I often browse the items on my phone. This is definitely a better solution because you can see the item immediately. The only thing I do not see is the amount of sales. Why do I see the number of items sold on my computer and I can not see it on my phone anymore?

I hope you know what I mean :slight_smile:


ooooooooooooooooh . god


I’m running out of my cell phone battery… :slightly_frowning_face:


Mybe add a button for how many items displaied in a row…other than that it looks great.


4 item per row look nice in my opinion. or allow to customize.