The Navigation & other important stuff in new forums



I’m here for ~30 mins and there are few UX hurdles I found on first experience. You can correct me if I’m missing something.

In my opinion, the upper navigation bar should remain the old one with all important links, specially the username dropdown should have all those links for a quick access to our actual Market profiles. (This bar-)

Also, when you visit an author’s profile the first thing I wanna do is to see their market profile, afaik there’s no direct link other than to do it manually. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I understand this is meant to be standalone, but some flexibility would be nice for everyone as it’ll improve the overall experience.


They’ll be adding a bunch of new UI tweaks and design changes in time :slight_smile:


I agree with you. the new features are great but I really miss the direct link to the marketplaces. I keep trying to find a way to go back to graphicriver and it is frustrating. I know I just need another tab open, but my brain was used to that top bar


I am too missing some thing important navigation, we hope they will take care all one by one in future.


This is not the proper way of releasing a major change. Release it full of incomplete features and add then update them with time. No sir.


I hope they consider these suggestions. Quick links to the market are highly required for a good experience.


This is a total mess - can’t understand it at all, and don’t even try to access it via mobile - In a community of coders and designers this is the best they can produce? Seriously

Used to enjoy checking in with the forums but can’t really say that anymore.