Forum member to author page connectivity


When the forums were renewed I purposely stayed on the sideline to see if the changes would improve the user experience.

I’m sure there have been a lot of topics on this and my problems with this new style may already been pointed out, but I would like to adress them.

It may be because I don’t understand the new forum layout quite yet, but for me one of the most important functions of the old forums was the ability to navigate to an authors page with the click of a mousebutton. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place, but it seems the only way to (easily) enter an authors profile page is if they provided a link of it in their forum profile, if not you’ll have to manually search for them in the marketplace they’re active in (which, to my knowledge is also something that’s not being shown in the forums). Also, and not that I’m THAT badge-horny (I am proud of them though), it’s a shame your badges don’t show anymore when you post something.

And also, you used to be able to enter your OWN author page from within the forums…

I guess I just don’t really understand why there now is such a clear separation between the forums and the author side of the Envato market. Can someone shed some light on this?

Greets, Martijn


IMO, it is more professional to separate store side and community side.

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Maybe so, but I feel you can’t see them entirely seperated. The whole community thing remains built around authorship, and as a curious person, I loved (easily) navigating through the stuff other authors were offering on the various markets. Maybe it’s just me though.


Yep, a stupid decision was made whoever made it, if a decision was even made, no doubt about it. I constantly find myself having to type into the search bar. A fairly unnecessary inconvenience.

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I agree about the separation, but the lack of a simple link to an Author Profile is a huge inconvenience, and I actually think it hinders “community.” I’ve only been here for about a month and can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to go to a profile but didn’t because it’s such a pain to do so.