All Authors, Please Read! Mildly Important!

Can you do me a favour? Go to your avatar in the top right of the forum pages, click on it, and then go to ‘profile’. Then click on ‘preferences’ in the top right. Then scroll down to the ‘about me’ section and paste in the link to your Envato Marketplace profile/portfolio page.

Then, whenever somebody clicks on your username in the forums, there will be a clickable link directly to your profile/portfolio. Obviously, if you don’t want people to see your profile/portfolio then don’t!

There are 101 reasons why somebody might want to visit your profile based on a post in the forums, and at present, it’s a bit long winded to find you all. You have to copy your username, guess which marketplace you sell stuff on (or go through all eight of them), paste your username into the search box, search, and then hope it pops up as a username option. Sure, it’s not exactly a quest of epic proportions, but in this day and age of instant information… having a clickable link makes it so much easier.

There are so many instances where this makes everything a bit easier, and I know I’ve bought items from authors after visiting their profiles out of curiosity when reading their posts. It’s unlikely it’ll have any real impact on sales, but it should mean people get advice quicker, and more of it, as it’s nice and easy to do a bit of digging. A few examples off the top of my head…

  1. Somebody posts “My badges/items/avatar looks weird on my profile page, what should I do?” but they don’t post a screenshot. You can quickly and easily check out their profile and hopefully provide advice based on what you’re seeing.

  2. Somebody posts “I’m only getting 50%, what the fudge?!” you visit their profile and they should only be getting 50%. So rather than advising they get in touch with support to adjust their earnings accordingly etc etc, you can say “yeah, you should be getting 50%”

  3. Somebody posts “I’ve uploaded loads of footage of pole-dancers in skimpy outfits and they’re not selling. Why?!” and you want to check the overall cinematography, lighting and framing to see if you can offer any tips.

  4. Basically anything that anybody says that seeing their profile or portfolio would assist in providing more accurate advice.

So there you have it. Thanks!


Actually, all you need to do is go to: - doesn’t matter if it’s an AJ author and you go from

But yes, I agree, it’s easier if it’s clickable :smile:

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:smile: +1
But I need you guys to test my avatar link :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been wondering if there was a shorter way to do this, thanks for pointing it out! :smile:

Good tip! I’m still far too lazy to do that though!

Works like a treat! That’s a perfect example… I’ve clicked on your link, I’ve seen your app promotion template thing, and I’m thinking to myself “If I had an app then something like that would be great, looks really cool”. I don’t have an app though, sorry, but maybe one day!


Awesome tip! Thanks! Its a big improvement to have a direct link to someones profile or portfolio. Kind of sad that its not automatically build in.

Oooh, so THAT’s how it’s done! I swear, I just couldn’t find those preferences! Why hiding them behind the userpic? Usually, on mobile devices you just hit the three stripes and go to settings from there…

Works great ! :wink:

Hmm, I’m surprised that only few people knew about it. Oh, and do not put too big picture as background of your profile, otherwise, all references will be “hidden” under the button, and it is not convenient for viewers.


No worries! You can hyperlink stuff as well, so it can say ‘My Portfolio’ or whatever, rather than having to use the actual link. Whatever works best for you.

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One more tip: your avatar should be at least 300x300px otherwise it will look blurred.



Nice idea, thx.

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Cheers for that!

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Can you all test “Buy now” button on all my items, I believe they are not working :neutral_face:


Hahaha dude :smiley:

Exactly the same feel!

Great idea! Thanks for the tip.

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Yes this is a must thing for authors :smile:

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Honestly, what I still can’t understand is the logic behind that Profile Background & User Card Background. That transparency makes me go mental, plus I can’t make those work :confused:

Has anyone solved the epic riddle of the height and weight needed for those two ?

P.S Anyone likes fishing ? (obsessed)