Author Portfolio?

The old forum allowed you to view peoples audiojungle profile but I cant seem to navigate how to do this on the new forum, am I missing something here? this forum seems to have completely detached from everything else…


yep, seems like… but maybe they connect forum profiles to envato acc later, hope so…

Yep, hard to reach to member portfolio

the only way to reach a user portfolio is to copy his username and search for him on the market.

I hope it will change one day in order to make navigation faster.

Definitely something that should be fixed - +1

I’m not enjoying the new forums yet, hopefully just growing pains and it’ll be better in the long run.

Not like this also… In the user card pop-up there has has to be a link to authors profile!

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I can get used to the layout even if its a bit messy… but not being able to click on authors profiles is a step backwards imo. Hopefully they will change this feature soon!

The forums have been seperated from the market in almost every way, I hope this won’t damage sales because by instinct it feels as if that might happen.

Yes, hopefully this total separation from our marketplace profiles will change very soon. This is inconvenient and definitely bad for authors and overall Envato sales.

Completely agree,they need to connect the profiles again!

Most needable feature for forum now +1

Guys you can insert a link to your portfolio or profile in your preferences page, in the “about me” text field, click my username to see it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great @abstract_labs Updated my about me field.

Thank you :cat: You just a savior! :blush:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Nice! didn’t think of that so thanks @abstract_labs, that actually solves the issue!

Just need to spread the word so that everyone does this now!

" completely detached "

Yeah sounds like this

Thank you!!! cool tip :smile: