Please. Give Us A Direct Link T Author Porftolio!



Is this really asking too much to request a direct link to an author portfolio when clicking on their avatar?

It’s beyond me how such a critical feature has not been implemented in now two months+ of the new forums.

If I read some interesting post by someone, I may be interested to see what work they are doing, as they seem like a nice person to buy work from. Do you really think buyers will copy the username, than manually type in the URL/username to visit the portfolio?

Please give me one good reason not to add this feature right now, today. Is there some technical difficulties behind the link not being available?

If there is no difficulties and this is purely a company decision - well, it’s a really poor decision.

I guess I’ll scream that from the rooftop, hangout being a bit to laid back for this one.


I know I can manually create my own link to my portfolio (which I did). But is it really difficult to make it visiable out of the box (with opt-out option if someone really doesn’t want to link to it)?


If you’re still using this browser script , when you hover over the user image in the box the username is clickable to portfolio :smile:

I agree this should be a built in feature among all the other missing features.


Yes, it works for me with the script, but sadly we can’t expect potential buyers to install this script just to navigate the forums.

I have created a link to my portfolio in my bio for that reason - so that anyone can access it with or without additional scripts. :smile:

What I would love is to hear a valid reason by envato staff about the decision not to include it. @natman?


Hey @simonswiss, good question! Discourse does have the option to automatically pull in profile links via SSO however Envato is currently set up in a way that profiles exist at a service-level (e.g., users have separate profiles on Market, Studio, Tuts+, etc.), which means there’s no central profile for us to link to. Given this plus the fact that the forums were designed to serve the entire ecosystem, we concluded it made more sense for users to customize their forum profile and if applicable include links to their Market, Studio and/or Tuts+ profile(s). Hope that helps :smile:


Thanks for the clarification @natman. I never thought of it this way where the forums are also encompassing the Tuts+ and envato studio communities…


No worries! Yeah, it’s quite a shift :slight_smile: It’s one of the main reasons behind the current category structure as well. That and trying to transition eight separate forums into one - which is quite a challenging task!


Seems like using the 8 previous forums as 8 categories would have been a pretty good way to set it up… but that’s another topic! :wink:


You’re forgetting Tuts+ and Studio again :wink: but indeed!


Makes sense!